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Mental Mages Podcast

Mental Mages Podcast

Mental Mages is two mental health therapists talking about what they know best- mental health and pop culture.

Recent Episodes

Ep 22- You need to calm down- using sound and music to help with emotional regulation.

Nov. 16, 2022

Creating soothing sensory experiences are an integral part of developing individualized coping skills and self-care. This is the first in our series on our senses and we talk about sound and music. Shayna and Kathy welcome 3…

Ep 21- Cosplay with JV Hampton-VanSant

Oct. 31, 2022

Very special Halloween bonus episode with JV Hampton-VanSant, podcaster, voice actor, maker, geek, where we chat about cosplay! We had so much fun chatting. **Kathy apparently had some technical difficulties so her audio isn…

Ep 20- Time to dig in to some Creepy Pasta

Oct. 26, 2022

Shayna and Kathy love creepy pastas. Creepy pastas are horror related stories that bounce around the the internet. They are short, fiction (or are they?), and are often created by anonymous writers. They are amazing. Shayna …

Ep 19- The mental health benefits of horror movies

Oct. 19, 2022

Believe it or not, there is research that suggests that consuming horror content may actually be beneficial for some people with anxiety or a history of trauma. Shayna and Kathy are joined by fellow horror enthusiasts, Domo …

Ep 18- It's Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, so lets chat about Stephen King

Oct. 12, 2022

Shayna and Kathy are joined by Nyeisha Brown (aka The Book Babe) to chat about our love of all things Stephen King. We talk about how reading has impacted all of our lives and get into specifics about some of our SK faves. C…

Guest: Nyeisha Brown

Ep 17- Memento Mori with Lucy Fitzgerald

Oct. 5, 2022

Memento Mori is Latin for "Remember that you must die," and is an artistic or symbolic reminder to live life to the fullest because we all must die. Shayna and Kathy are joined by Lucy Fitzgerald of the Wine and Crime Podcas…

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About the Hosts

Shayna Profile Photo


Shayna (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in mental health for 3 years. Shayna specializes in individual and group work and is very passionate about integrating games, crafts, movies, music, and other forms of pop culture into sessions. Shayna has certifications in Superhero Therapy and Cinema Therapy. She and her husband are board game enthusiasts and enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons every week. Shayna is a proud member of house Hufflepuff.

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Kathy (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in mental health since the 90's, specializing in trauma. She has worked with people as young as 3 to adults- using pop culture references and interventions with every one of them. She's a wife, a dance mom and her cat tolerates her. She has an extensive collection of Wonder Woman paraphernalia, loves crafting, spooky stuff and rhinos.