Sept. 21, 2022

Ep 16- Talking Sports with Megan Logan

Ep 16- Talking Sports with Megan Logan

Shayna and Kathy are joined by best selling author and therapist, Megan Logan, to chat about the mental health benefits and pitfalls of participation in sports, particularly in youth and collegiate levels. But don't you worry, even if you aren't into sports, the discussion was largely relevant to all areas of life. Megan also provides some insight into what Kathy was like in grad school, way back in the olden days of the 1990's.

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Editing by Ryan Merrill

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Megan Logan

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Author

A licensed clinical social worker, Megan graduated summa cum laude from James Madison University in Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a minor in Family Issues. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University. For the last 22 years, Megan has provided mental health therapy in various settings, including domestic violence and sexual assault centers, foster care agencies, community-based mental health programs, hospice, and, currently, private practice.

Megan's first book, Self-Love Workbook for Women (2020) became a best seller and has been translated into 18 languages. Her work has been recognized in the Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone Magazine, Woman's World Magazine, and Elle Magazine UK.

Megan also shares her original and creative play therapy techniques as contributing therapist in Liana Lowenstein's book, Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques (2010 and 2011, Volumes 1 and 3).

Megan has recently widened her healing practice to become a Master Reiki Practitioner and is studying to become a crystal sound bowl practitioner. She enjoys learning new techniques to provide the most effective and holistic healing for others.

Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Megan currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida. When not providing therapy or writing, Megan enjoys hunting for sharks teeth and spending time with her teenagers, her 2 boxer rescues, and her cat.